Aliento Vision


WMBC 63.7
Broadcasting 24/7

Aliento Vision broadcasts Hispanic ministry programming including daily news from Latin America, talk show, music video and church sermons.

Aliento de Vida: Dr. Victor Tiburcio delivers sermon from the altar of the Breath of Life Church in Queens, NY. Raising awareness of viewers to a new, free and blesssed life.

Journal Noticias: Daily news from Latin America and the world.

Cuadriga - La Tertulia Internacional: Round of discussion among four journalists who analyze the week's top news stories. Coordinated by Gonzalo Caceres and Olga Borobio

Mundo Christiano: Report on what God is doing around the world in the lives of individuals, familes, countries and churches. Hosted by Fabrico Alvarado and Patricia Rojas.

Club 700 Hoy: TV magazine with Hector Hermosillo (Mexican) and Amarilis Rivera (Puerto Rican) reporting positive stories, reviews, interviews and music.

En Contacto con el Dr. Charles Stanley: Dr. Stanley leads people through practical teachings to develop relationship with Jesus Christ.

Disfrutando la Vida Diaria: Joyce Meyer concentrates on giving people hope for everyday life with practical truths found in God's word.

Marcos Witt desde Lakewood Church: From his position as Associate Pastor of the Hispanic congregation of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, Marcos Witt presents a message of hope and love to heal the hearts in a fresh way.

On Cube: Federico Colloca leads this musical magazine in which the latest Christian music video clips are presented and their artists are interviewed.

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