WMBC 63.1

WMBC-TV is now broadcasting in digital television throughout the greater NJ/NYC metropolitan area. That means our 24-hour programming is available with full digital clarity through state-of-the-art broadcasts that reach Long Island, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Monmouth County, NJ. Viewers throughout this expanded broadcast area can now enjoy our free over-the-air programming with a simple antenna attached to your TV.

Most new digital televisions (HDTV) come ready to display free over-the-air digital TV signals. But it’s also easy to watch digital TV on older analog TV sets. Simply connect the television set to a Digital Converter Box (also known as a “HD Set Top Box”) available at consumer electronics stores.* Then, connect an antenna and allow the converter to scan the airwaves and program itself automatically. You’ll find that WMBC-DT (digital) will appear on Channel 63.

If you subscribe to cable TV or satellite service, you may also see our digital broadcast as part of the cable lineup for TV stations in your area. Please check with your cable or satellite TV provider for the availability of WMBC-DT. And thank you for watching WMBC … your voice in the community.

Note to Programmers. Program providers and advertisers interested in more information on exclusive air-time availability on WMBC’s multiple DTV broadcasts, please contact us at WMBC-DT, 99 Clinton Road, West Caldwell, NJ 07006   (973) 852-0300 info@wmbctv.com

*Examples of digital set-top boxes for DTV: Samsung SIR-T451 HDTV Terrestrial Tuner, Philips DTR7200 HD Set Top Box, Humax HFA100HDTV Digital TV Receiver/Tuner, Humax Digital ATSC TV Tuner for HDTV Reception, RCA ATSC11 HDTV Tuner. Please note that Satellite Digital Receivers may not directly receive and convert DTV (terrestrial) signals from local TV stations. For further information on DTV technology, please click here www.dtv.gov