Showbiz India


Showbiz India - Televsion has now been airing for 16 years! Created by Beauty Queen Reshma Dordi. It covers everything from exclusive updates and news to in-depth interviews with the biggest stars.

What sets Showbiz India apart is a driven team of producers, writers and correspondents with exclusive access to Bollywood and Hollywood stars. From the Bachchans to the Khans to the Kapoors, almost every star in Bollywood has shared their stories on Showbiz India.

Showbiz India has found a new home on B4U Network and will now be broadcasting globally to 5 continents.

As if that’s not enough, Hollywood biggies like Mike Myers, Justin Timberlake, Chris Rock and Cindy Crawford have all dished the latest on their lives with Showbiz India.

Besides the film world, the program also focuses on fresh and unconventional fashion and lifestyle segments and covers the latest South Asian events in USA. The program airs in USA and CANADA and in over 100 countries including UK, Middle East, and Africa.

Saturday 09:30am